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Beauty influencers have become a huge part of the modern makeup industry. In this article, we feature Influencer Shawtysin, a top social media beauty. Shawtysin (also known as Cynthia Victor) is the beauty influencer to watch for 2023. Up-and-coming social media influencers on Instagram and other social media platforms can look to this industry superstar to examine the beauty industry’s use of social influencers to market their products.

While Shawtysin is still relatively new to the industry, she has a solid following of more than 1.5 million followers. It is no secret that social media influencers can earn valuable gifts and amass fortunes quickly; influencer Shawtysin is an inspirational woman who has excelled in this medium.

Successful beauty influencers are proving that a career in the field of social media influence can be a fast track to success! Forbes Magazine has gone so far as to say influencers are making over the makeup industry.

Influencer Shawtysin Personal Bio

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Beauty influencer Shawtysin was born in Québec City, Quebec, Canada, and now lives in New Jersey, USA. She was born on 7 March 1999. Her career began as a model in America. She is currently a social media influencer, content creator, makeup artist, and model.

Her native language is Sri Lankan Tamil. She also speaks English and has general knowledge of various languages. Shawtysin has a delightful and curious personality. She picks up languages as she visits countries.

Her success allows her to pursue her love of travel. You will find photos of Shawtysin in the world’s most beautiful and existing cities. Recently, the star visited Bali.

She started her TikTok account in 2020 and creates videos on makeup, skincare, fashion, lip sync, dance, and comedy content. She also vlogs and shares her opinions and life advice.

Shawtysin is a vegetarian who loves Korean food. She likes all colors and does not have a favorite. She prefers color and flair as opposed to the black and white, minimalist look.

Social Media Influencer Success

Beauty influencer Shawtysin

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As a social media influencer, Shawtysin has over 25 million likes, is a beauty, fashion, and lip sync queen, and is known for her vlogs and opinions on everything from makeup to life advice. She is also a fan of the latest tech and gadgets and is always on the lookout for the next best thing. She can be seen wearing her latest iPhone XR in most of her TikTok videos.

She posts sultry looks but is also a huge advocate for natural beauty and self-care. She’s the co-founder of Summer Friday, a clean-and-cruelty-free makeup brand. Her feed is a mix of lifestyle, motherhood, and makeup, and her audience is growing fast! Industry giants like Pantene also represent her. It’s no wonder she’s a star! She has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

Unlike many beauty influencers who have been in the game for years, Influencer Shawtysin is still relatively new to the scene. She started out on TikTok and quickly built a sizable following. She has also branched out to Instagram, where she is a frequent poster on the platform. Shawtysin, Cynthia Victor is a professional social media influencer who is very good at keeping her followers engaged.

Her most successful posts include videos highlighting her favorite beauty products, tips, and tricks. She has also forged brand collaborations with some of the biggest names in the business, including Tarte and Selena Gomez.

She also has a devoted following on her blog, which covers a wide range of topics from makeup to travel to food and drink. Despite being one of the most popular YouTube content creators, she only churns out one video per week, so she manages to keep her fans engaged and entertained.

Beauty influencer Shawtysin (Cynthia Victor) has a large following on TikTok, where she creates all sorts of videos. She’s known for her fun and humorous personality and is a big fan of self-love and confidence.

She also has a YouTube channel about her experiences with insecurities and other mental health issues. She’s also very vocal about her experiences with racism, which has helped her build a strong community on social media.


Influencer Shawtysin, Cynthia Victor is a modern-day business success. She uses her talent to reach people and share her love for life, love, and peace. Shawtysin has a traditional and impressive background, a proper education, and a loving family. Yet her income as a social media beauty influencer allows her to travel and meet new people around the world.

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