May 8, 2023

Alex Moe is a paid influencer with a large following on Instagram. He creates macro-friendly versions of Starbucks drinks with slight twists and posts them on his Instagram account. His story is unique and inspiring. Alex is proof it is possible for anyone with dedication and drive can become a paid influencer.

In 2016, Alex was medically discharged from the United States Air Force after surgery failed to correct degenerative arthritis in his hips. He was looking for a part-time job with flexible hours to allow him to go to school where he was studying exercise science. This landed him a position as a barista at Starbucks Coffee.

After five years in the air force, he left college to pursue social media content creation and later started a coffee company called KNINE Coffee Co.

Alex discovered that his coffee drinks at Starbucks were often loaded with sugar and calories. Alex began tweaking the recipes to make them healthier. He started posting his macro-friendly Starbucks drinks on Instagram in June of 2017 and has since grown his account to over 889k followers.

Alex shares all the information about his coffees, including approximate macros, protein, carb count, fat info, and calorie counts.

He is the creator of The Macro Barista, a website, and Instagram account that promotes healthy, macro-friendly Starbucks drinks. Alex made it to the list of Top 100 Male Influencers of 2023. Few careers offer this kind of success, and an influencer’s salary is so few years.

In his spare time, he likes to travel and work out. He is also a blogger and author of several books on health and wellness.

Alex lives in Austin, Texas, with his two dogs. He loves coffee, music, and dogs. He is dedicated to fitness. This draws health-conscious consumers to his channels. He currently has 14 stores, outlets, and showrooms around the world. He is a philanthropist and supports many organizations.

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Influencer Alex Moe Biography

Moe is a fun-loving guy who has a degree in business. He uses his influencer marketing skills to make money and likes to work out, travel and read in his free time.

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Alex Moe is a health-conscious coffee influencer better known as the Macro Barista on Instagram.  He was born in March of 2000 and is currently 23 years old. He is also a YouTube star. He and his twin brother Alan Stokes own a YouTube channel called ‘Stokes Twins,’ which is famous for its comedy videos. In addition to that, he has a personal Instagram account with over 4.5 million followers. The Stokes Twins have also starred in a couple of TV shows and have a signature merchandise line.


Before joining the military, Alex was not taking life seriously. Alex held a 1.9 grade point average in high school because he didn’t pay attention. Alex admits to partying too much and just not applying himself. His parents intervened, and he decided to join the military. When his health began to prohibit that career, he returned home. At about this time, he suffered a significant break-up and went into depression. Alex fought his way back.

Alex then decided to merge his favorite things, coffee, his dogs (German Shepherds), exercise, and share the experience with others on social media. This led to the creation of his company, KNINE Coffee, and the growth of his social media platforms.


Alex is planning on keeping his career in the coffee industry and on social media going. The coffee industry is ever-changing and continually growing. In that field, ready-to-drink beverages are the hottest trend. Alex and his brother, Alan, look forward to diving into the RTD market.

While his products will evolve, he will hold fast to his original passions of coffee, dogs, exercise, and social media. Alex is only 23 years old. He has a great career which is booming. He plans to grow from here. Social media influencers are paid well. But doing something for a living that combines all of your favorite things is priceless.


Influencer marketing is a popular way for brands to promote their products through people who are already interested in them. It’s a huge industry, and it’s only growing in popularity. Influencer Alex Moe shows us that even a young person can turn their passions into a career with the help of social media. He wants to encourage other people to explore these opportunities.

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