April 26, 2023

Have you ever dreamed of living the life of a social media influencer? If so, you are dreaming of the life of Influencer Aspen Ovard. Ovard proves that social media marketing is the hottest career, and it looks like it will remain so for the immediate future.

Aspyn Ovard is an American YouTube and social media influencer known for her beauty, fashion, DIY, vlogs, and travel videos. She has a popular YouTube channel named HauteBrilliance, with over 2.4 million subscribers, and a joint YouTube channel with her husband, Parker Ferris, Aspyn + Parker, with 869 thousand followers.

What is a social media influencer?

A social media influencer uses social media platforms to build up a following. They often post about their chosen niche, and people continue visiting their sites. A social media influencer is also known as a social media content creator. They “create content” through videos and postings, encouraging their audience to return for information and entertainment.

Brand collaborations seek successful social media content creators to test and review their new name-brand products. The social media influencer receives valuable products at no charge in exchange for the reviews they post. The products are theirs to keep.

Choosing the career of a social media content creator allows you the flexibility to live life on your terms.

Aspyn Ovard

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Ovard’s Niche as a social media influencer

A mother of two girls, Aspyn shares a lot of her life on Instagram. She often posts about her family and lifestyle. Her lifestyle is one dreams are made of. She is afforded the luxury of traveling around the world. She lives in a beautiful home and wears designer fashion.

Aspyn also shares tips on beauty, fitness, and fashion. She frequently collaborates with brands for promotional purposes. Her success in these fields led to her creating her fashion clothing line.

Influencer Aspen Ovard is the creator of Luca + Grae, an online clothing store lauded for its bohemian style and whimsical aesthetic. Luca+Grae is her brainchild that aims to give her followers the same quality and experience as her popular YouTube channel.

Aspyn Ovard can afford to live a luxurious life with her net worth. She is a lovely and chill person who enjoys traveling around the world. Her favorite destination is the beach. Her vlogs are a treat to watch.

Influencer Aspen Ovard – Family

Aspyn has married her high-school sweetheart, Parker Ferris, since 2015. Ferris is also a social media influencer and social media marketing expert. They have two daughters, Cove and Lola.

She was born to Casey Ovard and Sascha Ovard Draper on 15 April 1996 in Utah, USA. Aspyn has two brothers, Trey and Tavyn. She has one sister, Avery.

aspyn ovard parker ferris wedding

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Influencer Aspen Ovard – Home

Aspyn and Parker live in a beautiful home that was custom designed for them in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. They reside in the house with their two daughters and the family pet, Luma. Luma is a Goldendoodle and is featured on Instagram!

World travels

Young lifestyle blogger and YouTuber Aspyn Ovard has traveled the world with her husband and fellow vlogger Parker Ferris. The couple has been to exotic locales such as India, Peru, London, and Bali.

Aspyn and Parker became engaged in Greece and shared their wedding day on their joint channel, which has 869,000 subscribers. They married in a romantic outdoor ceremony at the Tontaquint Garden in St. George, Utah.

Aspyn and her (then) new husband embarked on a kayaking adventure around the island’s turquoise waters during their honeymoon in Bora Bora. She and her husband have been sharing their experiences with a large following on their YouTube and Instagram channels.

Influencer Aspen Ovard – Net Income

Influencer Aspen Ovard earned her net worth before 30. She is popular on YouTube for posting fashion, makeup, and lifestyle videos.

She has 3.3 million subscribers on her self-titled channel and another channel called “Aspyn and Parker,” along with her husband, Parker Ferris. She also has an online clothing line.

She has a luxurious lifestyle and reportedly earns good money from YouTube videos, commercials, business, and promotions. She has a net worth of $10.11 million as of 2023.


Aspyn Ovard is known for her YouTube videos. She has a popular channel, Haute Brilliance, with millions of subscribers. She also has a joint channel with her husband, Parker Ferris, focusing on lifestyle videos. They have amassed a wealth of money through their channel and online advertisement.

Aspyn was a typical American girl who loved cheerleading and set out to find her dream job. She has proven that there is a demand for social media content creators. Social media marketing is a recognized career globally.

Content creator jobs are relatively easy to find. However, to succeed, you must have the dedication and knowledge to promote yourself and your brands. There are tools available that will help you start your career. Now is the time to take the plunge to be the next social media millionaire.

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