April 28, 2023

Influencer Huda Kattan is a social media beauty blogger who has built her empire from a small YouTube channel to an international cosmetics brand. In 2017, TSG Consumer Partners invested in the company, and the value was estimated at 1.2 billion dollars.

Her story started when she spotted a gap in the market for a high-quality eyelash product that was relatively inexpensive. She launched Huda Beauty in 2013. It quickly became a hit, even catching the attention of celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

How Influencer Huda Kattan began

Influencer Huda Kattan started her career as a social media blogger and turned it into a billion-dollar company. She’s known for her makeup tutorials and YouTube videos and has more than 26 million followers on Instagram.

She began her blog to share her tips with others and grow her audience. She had two of the essentials to make it in the industry. They are driven and a determination to succeed. She borrowed 6000 dollars from her sister, Mona, and launched a line of fake eyelashes in 2013.

Beauty retailer Sephora Dubai picked up the lashes. Within a week, they sold 7000 units, quickly becoming one of the most popular beauty products in the world. She has since launched many other products, including shimmery jewel-toned eyeshadow palettes and perfumes.

Kattan didn’t always know she would become a successful businesswoman. A decade ago, she was like many of her college classmates, working hard at jobs that didn’t always reflect her true passions.

She made a decision that changed her life and led her to find her path. She wanted to be a person who was not only successful but also fulfilled.

Huda Kattan is a billionaire who has built a cosmetic product company. She is known for her makeup line, Huda Beauty. She also stars in a reality show, Huda Boss. She is also the founder of HB Angels, an early-stage investment fund.

Influencer Huda Kattan is a successful beauty blogger and cosmetics mogul. She started her journey in the beauty industry when she was just a teenager and is now one of the most popular makeup artists on Instagram, with more than 20 million followers.

Social media content creators and brand collaborations created this success story. It is one of the fastest-growing career fields around.

But did you know that her journey to the top of the beauty industry wasn’t an easy one? Initially, she worked in finance but was miserable, so she quit her job to pursue her passion.

She launched her first beauty blog in 2010 and soon grew her following through makeup tutorials and candid videos. She eventually started her makeup brand in 2013 and has since created a range of makeup and skincare products. Her products are loved by women worldwide, and her career is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship.

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Personal life

Huda’s other love is world travel. Always dedicated to her brand and fans, she has designed cosmetics specifically to use while traveling. She has recorded many videos on the challenges of extremely long fights and the effects of travel on the skin. Huda’s favorite vacation destination is Iceland.

Huda was born on October 2, 1983, in Oklahoma City, USA. They moved to Cookeville, TN, USA when Huda was a two-year-old child, and later they moved to Dartmouth, MA.  In 2006, Huda moved to Dubai with her father, who accepted a job there. She holds American and Iraqi citizenship.

She graduated from Dartmouth High School and studied finance at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. However, she didn’t find the right fit in the finance world. Eventually, she decided to focus on her passion and created her own cosmetics brand, Huda Beauty.

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Huda started small, with a blog and an Instagram account, which she later turned into her beauty business. Her false lashes quickly grew in popularity, and now her brand is worth more than $1 billion. Huda has been quoted as saying, “We don’t sell products. We sell emotions.”  This is the basic concept that all social media content creators must learn.

She grew her audience by helping people overcome their beauty issues. She believes makeup can be used to help everyone look good.

Kattan started her company with false lashes but now offers liquid lipsticks and other products. She sells her line through the global make-up chain Sephora.

Huda has a husband and a seven-year-old daughter and can afford a comfortable lifestyle. She explains that she’s learned to listen and follow her inner voice.


If you’re familiar with the beauty world, you know Huda Kattan as a self-made billionaire and founder of a successful cosmetics brand. According to Forbes, her company, Huda Beauty, is worth over $1 billion, and she has more than 26 million followers on Instagram.

Social media content creators often start their careers with brand collaborations, accepting valuable gifts in exchange for filming and posting reviews on their social media platforms. With some training and ambition, anyone can succeed in this industry. We may not all become billionaires, but success in career and lucrative exchange is a reality for many content creators breaking into the business. If living the life of a jet setter is your dream, 2023 is the year to begin your journey.

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