Influencer Camila Coelho

Influencer Camila Coelho – From Retail Worker to Style Influencer

Starting her career behind the Dior counter in her local Macy’s, influencer Camila Coelho ’s life transformed when she created her YouTube channel. Now, with both a clothing and makeup line, this glamorous style influencer is estimated to be worth approximately $40 million and has over 9 million followers on Instagram.

From posting snaps of red-carpet events to updating her audience on her pregnancy, Camila has been capturing the general public’s attention since 2010 with no signs of stopping any time soon. Read on to discover how Camila Coelho built her empire and changed what it means to be a style influencer.

Camila Coelho – Becoming a Style Influencer

Given her international success, it’s difficult to believe that Camila started uploading makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel as a means of staying in touch with her friends in Brazil. From guides on creating the perfect cat eye to how to achieve a beautiful Christmas makeup look, Camila quickly gained a following beyond her friendship group.

Over time, Camila began uploading celebrity-inspired makeup looks as well as creating her own unique styles. Much like Chiara Ferragni, Camila also created a blog dedicated to her glamorous outfits and makeup guides. When paired with her Instagram account, this allowed her to grow her following and reach a larger audience.

Camila began to collaborate with other style influencers, including Chloe Morello and Aimee Song, as well as offering fans more insight into her day-to-day life in the form of ‘Get Ready with Me’ videos and travel vlogs.

Part of Camila’s brand has always been her transparency with her fans. Despite living a life most people would be envious of, Camila has remained down-to-earth and incredibly personable. This was demonstrated in 2020 when she opened up about her neurological condition. By sharing her experience with epilepsy with her followers, Camila reminded fans that there is always more to a person’s life than their outward appearance.

This decision, alongside several others, cemented her place in both the style industry and in the hearts of her followers.

From Style Influencer to Lifestyle Blogger

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There is a significant overlap between style and lifestyle influencers, as demonstrated by Huda Kattan and Aspen Ovard. So, it is of little surprise that Camila was also able to make this transition. As her following on YouTube and Instagram grew, Camila began to share fashion, skincare, and lifestyle guides alongside her makeup tutorials.

Expanding her brand to incorporate additional areas of the market introduced her to a larger audience, all of whom were eager to hear Camila’s opinion on the latest trends and product releases. Her blog, which is updated every week, features ‘How To’ guides as well as snapshots of her various adventures across the world.

By incorporating travel and fashion, and, in recent years, parenting, into her brand identity, Camila has truly made the transition from style influencer to lifestyle influencer. This has been integral to her brand’s continual growth and has enabled her to fulfill her life-long dream of owning her own up-market clothing and makeup lines.

Influencer Camila Coelho – Moving Beyond Social Media Success

Partnering with Revolve in 2019, Camila launched her clothing line. The Camila Coelho Collection features a vast range of pieces, from evening gowns to swimwear. With every month, new styles are made available for her followers to purchase. Now, fans can recreate Camila’s iconic style as well as make their own looks with these beautiful pieces.

Each month’s collection receives its own blog post. Featuring photos of the upcoming releases alongside descriptions on how to style each item, be it an oversized jumper or slinky slip dress, these articles provide readers with all they need to emulate the glamor and sophistication of the influencer lifestyle.

While Camila had previously partnered with Lancôme to create a lipstick line, she officially launched her beauty brand, elaluz, in 2020. Camila has centered the brand around mindfulness and self-care. With a focus on ingredients sourced from Brazil, Camila has created a beauty brand that is easy to use while being kind to both the individual wearer and the environment.

The brand has expanded to include skincare and bronzing products, giving followers everything they need to create beautiful and timeless looks.

Final Thoughts

It is of little surprise then that Camila is one of the most successful style influencers to date. From her friendly, upbeat personality to her keen eye for detail, Camila has captured both the eyes and hearts of people across the globe.

After building a large audience across multiple different social media platforms – and in two different languages – Camila was able to expand her brand and create businesses that will continue to grow in the years to come. To replicate Camila’s success, you need to start perfecting your smoky eye look and practicing how to piece together a glamorous outfit.

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