Influencer Sjana Earp

Influencer Sjana Earp – A Professional Traveller Turned Poet

Combining Travel and Wellness

After a difficult childhood, influencer Sjana Earp found peace through yoga and began a mental health journey that would change the course of her life. Through yoga, she discovered a way to quell her anxiety and strengthen both her body and her mind.

As such, many of Sjana’s viral social media posts include images of her doing jaw-dropping yoga positions in front of spectacular backdrops. From the jungle to white sand beaches, there are few places that influencer Sjana Earp hasn’t been.

Sjana Earp Combining Travel and Wellness

Despite growing up in Newcastle, Australia, one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, Sjana decided to explore the world and discover everything it has to offer. Leaving a life of surfing and beach days behind, she embarked on her travel journey in 2014. As an intern photojournalist, Sjana Earp worked with tech entrepreneurs and elite athletes to capture the group’s experiences in Perth, and, ever since she has picked up more and more contracts with various companies to display beautiful destinations across the globe.

Since 2014, Sjana has traveled to over twenty-five countries, experiencing everything from the nightlife in Paris to the crystal clear sea in Bali. With a clear preference for calm, tranquil destinations surrounded by nature, it’s rare to see Sjana exploring big cities or bustling tourist hubs. Instead, her travel experiences reveal hidden gems with a focus on supporting the environment and helping the local community flourish.

Multi-Platform Success for Influencer Sjana Earp

After growing her Instagram following, which currently sits at 1.4 million followers, Sjana began branching out onto other platforms. In addition to Instagram, she runs a wellness and travel blog and a YouTube channel, named Sjanaelise.

On her channel, Sjana uploads a variety of different videos. Her most popular videos are guided yoga practices and meditation sessions, which she typically uploads once or twice a week. Ranging between 10 and 90 minutes in length, these videos offer viewers the opportunity to try out yoga and tap into Sjana’s beautiful perspective on life.

She also includes lifestyle content, such as daily vlogs, Q&As, and meal plans. These videos give viewers more insight into her day-to-day routine and a look behind the influencer lifestyle. It’s also an opportunity for Sjana to express her bubbly, easy-going personality, endearing more people to her with each new upload.

Moving Beyond Online Revenue

It’s common for influencers to develop their platform and then use it to promote additional business and personal ventures, with the likes of Lele Pons and Grace Beverley being prime examples of this. In recent years, Sjana has followed this pattern with great success.

In addition to continually expanding her Instagram and YouTube following, she has been hosting and running yoga retreats. Located around the globe, including destinations in Australia, Greece, Peru, Indonesia, and Bali, Sjana has partnered with other wellness influencers to provide guests with tranquil escapes into their minds to promote empowerment and internal growth.

These retreats are a natural extension of Sjana’s brand and create further business opportunities moving into the future. They perfectly match Sjana’s image of mindfulness and creating harmony with nature.

Sjana Earp book

In 2020, Sjana Earp also released her first book. The influencer-to-author pipeline is a well-trodden path with proven success rates and Sjana’s experience has been no different. You Will Rise is a combination of poetry and photography that follows seven years of Sjana’s life. Much like her lifestyle videos, this book offers her followers further insight into her personal life and reveals some of the hardships she has experienced behind the camera.

Recreating Sjana’s Success

Travel influencers, including the likes of Huda Kattan and Jay Alvarrez, quickly gain large followings on social media platforms because their posts are the perfect combination of two things – they are aesthetically pleasing and they tap into experiences that everyone wants to have.

Compared to days spent behind a desk working from 9 to 5, an escape into nature is incredibly appealing to most people. Whether it’s hiking up mountains or relaxing with a 30-minute yoga routine on the beach, everyone wants a piece of the travel influencer lifestyle.

With the right photos and appealing destinations, you can quickly build a following of people interested in your adventures. Eventually, you can pick up brand deals and start to earn money from traveling rather than having to spend months budgeting for your next trip.

Final Thoughts on Influencer Sjana Earp

Influencer Sjana Earp’s lifestyle is awe-inspiring and many are sure to want to replicate her success. Whether it’s sun-soaked beaches or freshly made smoothies, she really seems to have found the ideal balance all while maintaining active social media accounts across multiple platforms.

With a phone and an Instagram account, you can quickly grow your own platform and begin your journey to being a paid influencer.


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